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 The French theorist Roland Barthes was among the first to propose that wrestling was worthy of deeper analysis, in his essay "The World of Wrestling" from his book Mythologies, first published in 1957. Barthes argued that it should be looked at not as a scamming of the ignorant, but as spectacle; a mode of theatric performance for a willing, if bloodthirsty, audience. Wrestling is described as performed art which demands an immediate reading of the juxtaposed meanings. The logical conclusion is given least importance over the theatrical performers of the wrestlers and the referee. According to Barthes the function of a wrestler is not to win: it is to go exactly through the motions which are expected of him and to give the audience a theatrical spectacle. This work is considered a foundation of all later study.  
 Magna Global conducted a new study for SportsBusiness Daily Global, and they found that the median age of pro wrestling viewers has increased over a 16-year period on traditional Broadcast and Cable Networks.  The midpoint of the spread of viewers watching pro wrestling 90’s was 28. The median age in 2006 was 33, and in 2016, the median age jumped all the way up to 54. That increase of 24 years in median age is the biggest jump among all sports by quite some margin.
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