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BREAKING NEWS: 11/25/18 Following his attack on Guile Castle, Vincent Cross has been suspended for 30 days. This comes after multiple attacks on other wrestlers by Cross over the past few months.

BREAKING NEWS: 10/22/18 yesterday morning two huge changes were made to the United States championship match. The Mysterious Amos has been added to the match and the match has been named a Four Way Dance, which means it will be an elimination match. So far, Director of Authority Devin James has been unavailable for comment. What sparked these huge changes? How will the other three men respond? We will be covering this story as it unfolds.

BREAKING NEWS: 11/12/18 Stan Lee is one of the most influential men of our time. dies at the age of 95 on November 12, 2018. He inspired countless people and brought happiness to billions over the years. His legacy will be that of a man who made generations laugh, cry, and grow together through an art form that had previously been considered "a fad" and "worthless". RIP Stan Lee. Excelsior!

Breaking News: 10/28/18 IWA superstar Skull Duggery was
found dead on October 27 at 9:23 PM in New Orleans in a shack known for voodoo and witchcraft. N.O.P.D are investigating the cause of death.

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of kindness

Today we did random acts of kindness, I did mess up the recording, but I managed to get some footage to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy, and please share maybe we can keep the ball rolling
And please visit the good people and companies that made this possible.

Dollar Tree, The Lake White Club,  Ross Action Company, 3rd Rock Vapor and Triple Crown Family Fun Center

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