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Tier three plan
Proud Sponsor of The Mighty IWA

With Tier Three, you get all the perks and benefits of the Tier Two plan, along with up to two VIP Tables, for anyone you wish (limit 4 people per table). The VIP tables Include Free Refillable beverages, *two alcoholic Beverages, A Pizza or sandwich from Cardo’s Pizza with table service for everyone at VIP table with a limit of 4 people per table. You Will also receive (If desired) Custom media integration and cross-promotion Via organizations name included on all promotional media The Mighty IWA uses for the event of Your choosing.
Your company will receive two banners and signage announcing that you support the community and local business by supporting The Mighty IWA.
All of this for the generous endorsement of $1000.00 per event.
*consecutive month is defined as continuation of endorsements without stopping, any interruption of endorsement equates to an organization needing to start at initial Tier pricing.
*promotional, flyers, pamphlets, and any literature exclude any and all information or decimation or promotional items deem unfit to be allowed by The Mighty IWA and its subsidiaries for whatever reason.
The Mighty IWA will not tolerate what it deems as “Offensive Speech” or any promotion of Discrimination or discriminatory imagery or messages.
*Alcoholic Beverages will only be served to VIP ticket holders and and/or tier three sponsors and VIP tickets holders that are gusts of tier three sponsors with regards to any and all state and local laws and or statutes or regulations of any state, county or country event might be held in. Alcoholic beverages are transferable from persons in the realm of VIP status or affiliated with a VIP table that for whatever reason E.g. (minor, medical reason, Non-drinker) may wish to not partake or consume Alcoholic beverages to another member of their party.