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For an initial endorsement of $600.00 ($450.00 each *consecutive month) your organization will be allowed to have *promotional, flyers, pamphlets, and any literature you wish. Your organization will also be permitted to proudly display *temporary signage and/or banners provided by The Mighty IWA at the event of your choosing providing reasonable time constraints for publishing. In addition, The Mighty IWA will bring special attention to your organization by Making an announcement to the audience and streaming viewers Before and After event in the form of “Special Thanks” and *notification of any promotions or sales your organization is or will be running.
*consecutive month is defined as continuation of endorsements without stopping, any interruption of endorsement equates to an organization needing to start at initial Tier pricing.
*promotional, flyers, pamphlets, and any literature exclude any and all information or decimation or promotional items deem unfit to be allowed by The Mighty IWA and its subsidiaries for whatever reason.
The Mighty IWA will not tolerate what it deems as “Offensive Speech” or any promotion of Discrimination or discriminatory imagery or messages.